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Here is a list of frequently asked questions that we receive. If you do not see your question listed here, feel free to contact us.
When are your hours of operation?

Our gates are open at 8am-5pm every day. We have specific, scheduled tour times that you can choose from and we do accept special time requests, but it will be considered a private tour and the prices will be different. Email us for more info about private tours.

How early should we arrive before our tour begins?

We ask that guests arrive at the time of their scheduled tour. This gives guests time to get to the site and fill out the required documentation and waivers before the tour begins.

How long do the tours last?

It varies depending on the different tours. Ziplining will take approximately 2hrs, while Rappelling will take approximately 4hrs. The Waterfall Hike will take approximately 2hrs , and the Hidden Falls Pool will take approximately 3hrs. The time is also dependent on the guest's performance. 

What do I wear?

It is always advised that you wear long/short pants, long/short sleeved shirts, and any type of closed-toed, sport shoes. The dress code might be different for specific tours, but this is the general recommendation. Guests with long hair will be asked to tie it back for safety reasons. 

How many lines do you have on the Zipline Tour?

We have a total of 8 double-line traverses on our Zipline Tour.

Are children allowed to do the tours?

Yes. Providing they meet the minimum requirements. Kids over 10yrs old can participate in the Waterfall Hike. Kids 14yrs + for Rappelling. Children over 8yrs old can go on the Zipline tour. Ages 5yrs + are welcome for the Hidden Falls Pool Tour. A parent or legal guardian must be able to sign the waivers of any minors under the age of 18yrs old. No one else may be permitted to sign on their behalf. 

If I don’t want to participate with my group, can I still wait on site?

Yes! You are free to wait at our Macaw Landing Bar until your party returns. Relax and enjoy drinks and snacks and explore around the bar area.

Do I have to be very fit/strong to do the tours?

If you meet the participation requirements listed, you are strong enough to do the tour. We have a "Difficulty Level" rating ranging from a scale of 1-5. You can find this in the detailed description of each tour and use it to your discretion. 

What if I’m afraid of heights?

The fear of heights is a perfectly normal, and healthy human reaction. Our personnel will do everything possible to support you and provide you with a low pressure, achievable experience.

If I’m too scared, can I ride with someone else?

We do not permit tandem ziplining with two adults due to potential risks. However, children at age 12 and under can ride with a Guide if needed.

Are there bathrooms on the tour?

There are bathrooms at the tour site for you to use before or after your tour. We remind guests to go to the bathroom before every tour.

Can I smoke on the tour?

No. For safety reasons, protection of the equipment, elements, the environment and for the enjoyment of all participants, we do not allow smoking on the tours or on the site.

Will I be able to get phone service or WiFi on site or on my tour?

No. Unfortunately, since we are deep in the jungle, we are not able to receive WiFi or good cell signal on site.

How do the tours impact the environment?

We built and operate our tours to minimally impact the ecosystem around us. We do not alter natural structures or cut vegetation indiscriminately. Our company is dedicated to the conservation and protection of nature and the beauty of Belize.

Will I see any Wildlife on my tour?

We have an abundance of flora and fauna spread across the Angel Falls Xtreme Adventures' site. We cannot guarantee that you will see many exotic animals during your tour, but occasionally it does happen. Many guests enjoy to bird watch, admire the foliage, and visit with our resident animals.

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